This Life

Marc on "This Life"...

"This Life" is a culmination of my life experiences from the past several years.

After recovering from my health crisis (covered on my Bio page) I have had many realizations about acceptance and tolerance. I spent a great deal of my life being very self critical and constantly wanting to control my world. This, of course, was a fruitless endeavor. I would continually attract situations and scenarios that aided in my disillusionment of this way of being. The summit of all these experiences being my health crisis that nearly took me off the planet permanently. It was THE WAKE UP CALL OF ALL WAKE UP CALLS for me.

I am forever grateful to have gone through all that and come out the other end with more understanding about "This Life" that I create and have a deepened sense of responsibility of it for myself and everyone that I am blessed enough to have in this life.

I want to personally thank, first and foremost, Barry Bergman, for his humanity, worldly brilliance, and most of all his love and friendship. Rich Mercurio for his friendship, generosity and extraordinary sense of rhythm and music. Daneane Gallardo for her commitment and passion in putting together my new website. Andrea Phox for the photos. for the worldwide debut of songs from "This Life". Paul Prestopino, Kevin Kavanaugh, Tabitha Fair, Erich Wald, John Munro and Joel Kaminer for their musicianship, love and support of "This Life". And last but not least all the thousands of fans that have been requesting and patiently waiting for the release of "This Life".

The rest of the list will appear in the CD credits.

Thanks for continuing to tune in.
With Love