Marc's Singles

  • Asbury Angel

    Marc Ribler and Friends - Our Spirit is Strong

    Growing up as a musician in the last of the so called "Hey Day of The Jersey Shore music scene" gave me some insight and deep sentimental affinity to the subject of Asbury Angels, who they are and what they stand for more...

  • Our Spirit is Strong

    Marc Ribler and Friends - Our Spirit is Strong

    I am so grateful for having some of NJ's finest musicians and singers join me in recording "Our Spirit Is Strong" more...

  • Garden State

    Marc Ribler and Friends - Garden State

    After experiencing the damage in my neighborhood and so many surrounding Jersey Shore towns, seeing the thousands of horrific images in the media and speaking with so many friends and neighbors that have lost so much, I was incredibly inspired to write and record the song "Garden State" more...

This Life

  • Marc Ribler This Life
  • This Life is a culmination of my life experiences from the past several years.

    After recovering from my health crisis (covered on my Bio page) I have had many realizations about acceptance and tolerance. I spent a great deal of my life being very self critical and constantly wanting to control my world. more...

Life is but a Dream

  • Marc Ribler Life is But a Dream
  • ...Thus was born the album. And like every Dream album, it takes time to get it right. "The title song was written in 1997 when I lived in Manhattan and I was going through a bit of a stressful period: financially, spiritually and philosophically. The bulk of the album was written in the last couple of years and there are a couple of tunes that I wrote 9 years ago - i.e. 'Right in Your Backyard,' 'Watchin the World Go By,' and 'Everybody's Got Somethin to Say.' 'Prime Time TV' was also written then and funny (or sad) enough, the second verse about Saddam Hussein is still as relevant today as it was then. more...