Life is but a Dream...

Marc Ribler - Brooklyn Born Beatle

...Thus was born the album. And like every Dream album, it takes time to get it right. "The title song was written in 1997 when I lived in Manhattan and I was going through a bit of a stressful period: financially, spiritually and philosophically. The bulk of the album was written in the last couple of years and there are a couple of tunes that I wrote 9 years ago - i.e. 'Right in Your Backyard,' 'Watchin the World Go By,' and 'Everybody's Got Somethin to Say.' 'Prime Time TV' was also written then and funny (or sad) enough, the second verse about Saddam Hussein is still as relevant today as it was then.

It Ain't Me "I started recording the album in October of 2002 and completed the mixes in May 2003. I co-produced the album with my close friend, Rich Mercurio who also plays drums on the tracks. Rich and I met in 1996 and we've always spoken about working together - finally, the time was right.

"I've always produced my own recordings by myself and I was feeling like I needed to hear an outside objective view on the treatment of the production of my record, and Rich was the absolute right person for the job. We've always had a very honest, uninhibited communication line between us and we've always had great musical chemistry. So I thought it'd be a great experience, and it was. Aside from the fact that he's one of the finest drummers in NYC."

One of the best songs on the album is "Prime Time TV," which, unfortunately, every couch croucher can relate to. Marc explains that "it is the story of and impact that TV has had on me and how in the 70's things were simpler - without the internet or 500+ cable TV stations or the media blitz and big brother living on every street corner and in our living room curtains."

It's not as strong as it sounds. There's nothing too heavy about the album. This is entertainment. But there is pain in birth. "The songs 'I Won't Give Up,' 'Learnin' to Laugh it Off,' and 'Gravity' were inspired by a near fatal illness that I experienced in 1999-2000 that, Thank God, is far behind me now. All of the songs are inspired by my search for truth and the deeper meaning in why things are the way they are in this life. And also not taking it all so seriously, as I am more than capable of doing.

"They also deal with obsession and addictive behavior such as in 'Identity Crisis.' But it all comes down to the fact that I am so grateful that I was blessed with the gift of songwriting. When I'm in the process of 'doing it' (the writing), I don't usually know where I will end up or what great insight I will find out about myself or the human condition, but in the end I realize that without having this process to vent and discover myself, I don't think I would be 'here.'"

There's more to primal therapy than just creating the tunes. Marc and a crew of three others replicate his arresting song catalog onstage. "I also do all the originals solo with an acoustic guitar and a loop box that I create accompaniment with on the 'fly.' This helps recreate more of an ensemble type of sound without using prerecorded tracks or sequencers (which I find to be sterile and uninteresting). The cool thing about creating the loops live is that each song is always fresh and spontaneous as far as tempo, feel and dynamics. It makes it more interesting and creative for me when I do solo gigs and the audience wonders where all the sound is coming from." (more...)

A few words in review...

A bit of what the music world needs.
Reviewer: Eric

This album is truly a masterpiece. It is pleasing to find an entire album of quality music that one can enjoy and relax to.

Worth the wait....
Reviewer: Steve Marcus

Super sounds from a great musician. This is definitely worth the wait for all fans (some of us have waited thirty years !!!). Captures the essence of many different experiences and synhtesizes several music styles and influences. Great vocals and a superb talent for guitar and arrangment.Get a FEW today--they make excellent gifts!!!!

An excellent debut album...
Reviewer: Barry Rosen

I defy anyone into 70's rock to listen to Life is But a Dream and not come away humming 4 or 5 tunes. An excellent debut album...Marc sounds a lot like Tom Petty at times and there are memorable hooks galore on this CD. I can't wait for his next release. Bravo!

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