Never Say Never

In 1992 I wrote a song called "How much longer is forever" with Freddie Curci and Steve Demarchi from the band Alias(Formerly known as Sheriff).

Their first #1 U.S. hit "When I'm With You" was in 1987.

Their second hit was in 1990 "More than Words" as Alias.

They went into the studio with producer John Jansen to record their second album in 1992 for EMI records.

If you recall that was the same year that The Seattle Grunge Sound took the industry by storm and Alias's fully produced album was shelved and never released. (I'm sure many other bands suffered this fate as well.)

A couple of weeks ago my manager Barry Bergman got a call from EMI that they are now releasing the Alias CD. 17 years later.

Crazy ass business that we're in. I just got a copy of the CD appropriately named Never Say Never and I must say (taking into consideration that it's 17 years old) it sounds great.

My Pledge To APDA

I personally know what it is like to suffer from a life threatening illness. In 1999 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was hospitalized for 4 months. I was administered chemotherapy to combat this auto immune disease. During this period I needed 12 units of blood and went from my normal body weight of 180 pounds down to 113 pounds.

Finally Dr. Michael Arvinitis was called in to perform the surgery that ultimately saved my life. At the same time I was going through my illness, my favorite uncle, Marty Ribler was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Uncle Marty was a decorated Korean war veteran. If you searched the world over (or at least the 5 boroughs of NYC) you'd be hard pressed to find a stronger more confident man. For most of his life he worked in the elevator industry starting out as a mechanic. He was quickly promoted to foreman and finally to upper management of what is now known as Schindler Elevators based in NYC.

He was a very important role model in my life. I loved him dearly.

I watched helplessly as Parkinson's consumed Marty's life and body. His uncontrollable tremors were relentless. In an effort to reduce the tremors he went for a special type of surgery called DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) in 2003. They surgically implanted two electrodes in his brain which were wired to a pacemaker device in his heart so that they could electronically control the tremors. Unfortunately, after the surgery he lost almost all power in his vocal chords. You would literally have to strain to hear his ever gasping words. This was a heart wrenching contrast to the uncle that I always knew.

I believe that the loss of his physical power led to the loss of his will to go on any longer. He passed away in September 2008 after battling this incredibly devastating disease for nearly 10 years.

In memory of my Uncle Marty, I felt it was time for me to take action to help make a difference for those who are suffering from Parkinson's disease. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my latest CD "This Life" to APDA as well as scheduling performances to promote awareness in an effort to help find a cure for Parkinson's Disease. I hope you'll pick up a copy of "This Life" and enjoy the music as much as I loved making it for you. I want to thank each and every one of you for your concern and support of APDA. It's your generosity that makes the work of APDA possible. Let's do everything we can to make certain that we don't lose anymore relatives to this dreaded disease.

With Love


Whirling Dervishes

Hi Folks,

First of all let me thank you all so very much in your love and support in tuning into the JamNow show. It was a great success thanks to you! Special thanks to Paul Josephsen and everyone at JamNow.

The CD is moving along quite well. Linda McLaughlin and Andrea Phox are putting together all of the artwork, and Dave McNair is handling the mastering. We should be off to the printers' next week!

We're like whirling dervishes these days. As you know in this day and age of the music biz I need all the help that I can get. Please stay in touch and spread the word.

Have a wonderful day,
With Love,

Starship log September 22, 2007

The CD is FINALLY completely mixed. This week it's going off to the mastering house.

The CD artwork is under way and I hope to have it all off to the printers in early October.

As I've said these things always take longer than you think. That being said, I am very grateful for the delays that I've experienced. Although it was frustrating to go through, in retrospect, it presented the opportunity to pick the absolute right songs, and acquire some essential pieces of gear that added to the tonality that I was searching for in the mixdown (i.e. A Studer 2 track analog tape machine and a Trident analog mixing console).

If I've learned anything in this life it is that delays should never be viewed as set backs. There is always a higher reason for these experiences beyond our normal understanding.

Thanks ever so much for your patience, love, and continued support.

I very much look forward to hearing from you all. Please don't hesitate to write back.


Still Working

Hey Folks,

Thanks so much for continuing to check in on the progress of my new website and the release of my upcoming CD "This Life", which will feature the song "This Life". Ever since it was included in the commercial, many people have asked me about it. I'm glad to announce the whole song will soon be available!

It's funny that the CD is titled "This Life", because in This Life things often take a little bit longer to complete than we plan. I am putting the final touches on all the mixes as well as putting the artwork together. It shouldn't take too much longer. Thanks so much for all the love, support and patience.

It's been a very exciting time.

Aside from finishing up my own CD, I am also currently in the Studio writing with and producing The Identical Twins (Erich Wald and John Munro) an incredibly dynamic New Jersey singing duo. Their music is pop laced with rock, r n b, jazz and funk roots.

I am also writing and producing for Andrea Rosario a 13 year old singing prodigy from NYC. Andrea has already won the Apollo Theatre amateur night and has sung at Madison Square Garden for the opening of a New York Knicks game.

Keep an eye out for both these great talents in 2007.

Please sign up for my mailing list so I can keep you posted on the release of my new CD "This Life" and all the other crazy things that go on in my career. Don't ever hesitate to let me know how I can make this a better experience for you all...

I'll be in touch soon
All the best

Things to Come

Hey Folks,

Thanks so much for checking out my web site. It's been a long time in the making, and soon to be fully revealed... I hope you'll like it.

Please sign my mailing list so I can keep you posted on the release of my new CD "This Life" and all the other crazy things that go on in my career.

Since I need all the help I can get, your suggestions would be appreciated, especially as the CD and full version of the new site is nearly ready to go live.

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can make this a better experience...