Whirling Dervishes

Hi Folks,

First of all let me thank you all so very much in your love and support in tuning into the JamNow show. It was a great success thanks to you! Special thanks to Paul Josephsen and everyone at JamNow.

The CD is moving along quite well. Linda McLaughlin and Andrea Phox are putting together all of the artwork, and Dave McNair is handling the mastering. We should be off to the printers' next week!

We're like whirling dervishes these days. As you know in this day and age of the music biz I need all the help that I can get. Please stay in touch and spread the word.

Have a wonderful day,
With Love,

Starship log September 22, 2007

The CD is FINALLY completely mixed. This week it's going off to the mastering house.

The CD artwork is under way and I hope to have it all off to the printers in early October.

As I've said these things always take longer than you think. That being said, I am very grateful for the delays that I've experienced. Although it was frustrating to go through, in retrospect, it presented the opportunity to pick the absolute right songs, and acquire some essential pieces of gear that added to the tonality that I was searching for in the mixdown (i.e. A Studer 2 track analog tape machine and a Trident analog mixing console).

If I've learned anything in this life it is that delays should never be viewed as set backs. There is always a higher reason for these experiences beyond our normal understanding.

Thanks ever so much for your patience, love, and continued support.

I very much look forward to hearing from you all. Please don't hesitate to write back.